We have set up our charity, Womb Transplantation (UK) to help us achieve our goal of developing a practical and safe operation and procedure which will allow women, who were either born without a womb or have lost their womb as a result of illness, to have their own child.

Apart from helping to raise funds to enable us to continue our research, the charity will also work to make more people aware of this currently untreatable infertility which causes so much distress to a large number of women and their partners. Our charity, through this website and its activities, will also show how our research is progressing, the benefits and the progress being made.

The vast majority of the costs of research have been borne by the team members themselves but in these crucial final stages, more help is needed to continue the research.

We shall be announcing more details related to our Patron in the near future.

If you would like to help us raise money or make a donation, please click here to do so.