The Wider WombTransplantUK team

The UK womb transplant research team has brought together over 25 people from a wide variety of medical specialities from seven different hospitals.

The current UK team members are as follows:

Leading the team are Professor Richard Smith, Consultant Gynaecological Surgeon at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London and  Honorary Consultant Transplant surgeon at Oxford Churchill Hospital and Miss Isabel Quiroga, Consultant in Transplantation and Endocrine Surgery at The Churchill Hospital, Oxford and Honorary Consultant in Gynaecological surgery at Hammersmith Hospital, London.

Mr Benjamin Jones, Gynaecologist, Imperial College Healthcare, London and honorary registrar in transplantation surgery, Oxford Churchill Hospital

Mr Venkatesha Udupa, Consultant Transplant and Hepatobiliary Surgeon, Churchill Hospital, Oxford and Honorary Consultant in Gynaecological surgery at Hammersmith Hospital, London.

Mr Srdjan Saso, Consultant Gynaecological Surgeon, Imperial College Healthcare

Dr Saaliha Vali, PhD Fellow – Gynaecologist at Imperial College Healthcare and honorary clinical fellow in transplant surgery, Oxford Churchill Hospital

The multidisciplinary team includes:

Ms Andrea Devaney Clinical Transplant Pharmacist, Oxford Transplant Unit.

Claire Snelgrove Transplant Nurse, Churchill Hospital, Oxford

Nicki Hayward, Living Donor Specialist Nurse, Churchill Hospital Oxford

Dr Peter Dimitrov, Consultant Anaesthetist, Churchill Hospital, Oxford

Dr Adris Klucniks, Consultant Anaesthetist, Churchill Hospital Oxford

Dr Martin Barnardo, Director of the Transplant Immunology Laboratory, Churchill Hospital, Oxford

Dr Katie Jeffery, Consultant Virologist, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

Dr Yau Thum, Consultant IVF specialist at The Lister Hospital in Chelsea,

Professor Sadaf Ghaem – Maghami Consultant Gynaecological Surgeon, Imperial College Healthcare.

Professor Jay Chatterjee, Consultant Gynaecological Surgeon, Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford. 

Mr Ahmad Sayasneh Consultant Gynaecological Surgeon St Thomas’s Hospital, London.

Dr Cesar Diaz-Garcia Consultant IVF Specialist, IVI London.

Miss Bryony Jones. Consultant Obstetrician Queen Charlotte’s Hospital

Ms Maria Jalbrant Clinical Psychologist, Sloane Court Clinic

Dr Baljeet Kaur Consultant Histopathologist Imperial College Healthcare

Dr Candice Roufosse Consultant Histopathologist Imperial College Healthcare

Dr Victoria Stewart Consultant Radiologist Imperial College Healthcare

Dr Nishat Bharwani Consultant Radiologist Imperial College Healthcare

The doctors and specialists are supported by Consultant Anaesthetists and Specialist Nurses at each location in London and Oxford

Miss Dena Kellman Womb Transplant UK Charity Chief Administrator