Charity News Update

We are very pleased to announce that after years of preparation and research we are almost ready to embark on performing the first clinical trial of Human Uterine Transplantation in the United Kingdom.

Eleven human uterus transplantation attempts have been made worldwide since 2011 of which nine were performed in Sweden. In October 2014 the first live birth following uterine transplantation was reported at 31 weeks gestation in Sweden. It is thought that two further babies have since been born to women following uterine transplantation. This fantastic achievement sent a clear message all around the world; womb transplantation is not merely a possibility anymore, it’s very much a reality. Following almost two decades of research and preparation by Mr Richard Smith and his UK Womb transplant team, we now hold the expertise to build on this amazing success story.

Ethical Approval

We are currently in the process of seeking ethical approval to carry out 10 uterine transplants and aim to commence this trial by the end of year. Once ethical approval has been granted we will begin patient selection. Fundraising is ongoing, and through the generosity of our sponsors, we have raised over £40,000 already. For all those who have donated already, a very special thank you is extended from all of the transplant team, as without your support, this pioneering treatment would not be possible.

New Team Member

We also welcome Dr Benjamin Jones, the new clinical research fellow, to the team. He will be responsible for looking after the patients through the whole process from the initial consultation to hopefully, the delivery of a healthy baby. Dr Srdjan Saso will continue to be part of the team by being involved in a supervisory role.

This is a very exciting time for all involved. Thousands of women who are born without wombs, or sadly lose them following cancer or excessive bleeding, give up on the possibility of bearing their own child. Those women can now retain hope, that one day they may themselves give birth.